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Multihull exhibition in La Grande Motte 15-19 April

By  multiyachts | 24 Aug 2020

Also this year we will be at your disposal at the Multihull Show in La Grande Motte 15-19 April

Vanni aboard the McCONAGHY MC50 extended to 53.50

and with designer Jason Ker to present the new range of KER POWER CATAMARANS.

Gavino and Tommaso aboard the SEAWIND 1600 and SEAWIND 1260 in preview for Europe

Jacopo aboard the sailing AVENTURA 34 and 44 and A10 Power (the new A 14 Power in Cannes!)

As is well known, we have contributed to introducing in Italy from the early 90 'the use of "real" multihulls: that is, built to offer comfort and performance ...
unlike the most popular catamarans for hire which offer a lot of internal volume at the expense of healthy behavior in navigation (too heavy, water lines from motorsailers etc).

boats represented by us.

Documentation of each model is available and for sea trials, book as soon as possible while seats last….

we send this non-partisan communication concerning the 10 advantages of the catamaran compared to the monohull
and we are available with our 40 new multihulls as well as some rare used coupons ...
good day,